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New Mexico News Port profiles Carolyn Meyers’s decision to pursue improv at the age of 83.

Review of Life Unscripted from BookTrib


Read Jeff and Dan’s interview with “The Making Box” about the importance of improvisation and play to your psychological health.

Podcast: Unscripting

Listen to Jeff explain ‘unscripting’ in this entertaining, informative podcast.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Newsroom, November 4, 2018.

Going Off Script

Ben Noble reviews Life Unscripted on I’m Making this all up

“The Luggage Tag”

Jeff gets a strange piece of mail, and ponders what it means., October 23, 2018



Jeff explains 'unscripting' in this thought-provoking blog post for Psychology Today.

Psychology Today, August 30 2018.

Jeff’s college and co-writer Dan O’Connor explains the importance of improvisation on stage—and in life—in this entertaining Ted Talk.