Dr. Jeff Katzman will soon be opening his private practice to work with clients in the model of psychodynamic psychotherapy. You can contact Jeff to inquire about the following services through the contact link on this website, or at With limited available hours, he is only able to accept full payment at the time of service, but can provide paperwork for reimbursement from individual insurance plans.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
— George Bernard Shaw

Individual Psychotherapy

 Dr. Katzman has extensive experience and training in psychodynamic psychotherapy

Unique interests

  • Working with fathers in their developing family role

  • Working with actors, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, and others involved in theatrical and film production to help access imagination and enrich authenticity to create strong, fully rounded characters living in fully developed worlds

  • The overlap between psychological work and treatment with spirituality

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervision

Jeff is available for individual and group supervision of clients using psychodynamic paradigms, providing both didactic training and client supervision. Dr. Katzman has supervised psychiatry residents in psychodynamic psychotherapy for over 25 years. He has a long history of commitment to education in this area.

 Leadership Consultation

 Jeff is available to help support leaders in organizations combining his own experiences in hospital administration,  coaching experiences, and psychodynamic insights.

Jeff has worked in leadership and hospital administration in various capacities for over twenty years. That experience includes work as the Director of Behavioral Health Care at the New Mexico VA Health Care System, and various leadership positions at the University of New Mexico including service as the Vice Chair for Education, Academic Affairs, and Adult Clinical Services at the University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry. He has a breadth of training in leadership including a six-month coaching and leadership program at the Arbinger Institute, a two year immersion in the University of New Mexico Clinical Leadership Academy, and trainings through the Gallup organization, the Studer group, among many others.

Everyone wants to play. They’re just afraid of looking stupid. But you know what’s stupid? Not trying. So just . . . try.
— VIctoria Scott

Applied Improvisation Consultation

Jeff has a breath of experience providing consultations to the workplace using the model of improvisational therapy. He has been involved in improvisational theater and its applications for over 25 years. His training includes programs at:

  • Los Angeles: Second City Theater;  Los Angeles Theater Sports

  • Albuquerque: Gorilla Tango Theater; The Box Improvisation Space

  • The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

  • The Global Improvisation Initiative and the Applied Improvisation Network annual conferences

 Jeff uses improvisation to focus a consultation, gather information from the participants about their experiences at work, then to provide a focused intervention using experiences of improvisation. These interventions often highlight concepts from his book, Life Unscripted, working to identify scripts that limit work relationships. The consultation and intervention includes exercises in collaboration, authenticity, empathy building, accessing our imagination, getting present to the moment, and the importance of play at work.

Jeff and his team have provided over twenty consultations with teams as small as 8 and as large as 350 – though 20-40 is our best number!

A child loves its play, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.
— Benjamin Spock